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The PFD fleet is the largest privately owned Foodservice fleet in Australia so chances are you have seen one of our 800 purpose built trucks on the road making its deliveries. Each day our fleet heads out delivering fresh, frozen and dry goods along with paper and cleaning products to over 55,000 businesses across Australia.

We update or add up to 65 new trucks a year.

Trucks are purpose built/multi temperature vehicles. New trucks have highest emission rating on comparative market, built with safety and built with driver and company efficiencies in mind.

We are the first company to ensure that our fleet bodies and accessories are all engineered to comply with local regulations. We have also included a few safety features of our own including reversing cameras, low floor heights and handles for easy and safe access and 3 point access.

Our trucks can carry up to 10 tonne with the capacity to move from 1 up to 14 pallets. We have a national pallet capacity of over 5500, meaning we can move that in a day.

Trucks are designed for multi temperature control with freezer and chillers in one truck.

We cover 27m kilometres annually, enough to go to moon and back 30 + times

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